Thoughts affect health

This post is mainly quoting someone else. The intellectual credit goes to Dr. Caroline Leaf. I recommend reading her book, Who Switched Off My Brain.

Dr. Caroline Leaf in her book Who Switched Off My Brain addresses how thoughts affect our health. She defines toxic thoughts as, “thoughts that trigger negative and anxious emotions, which produce biochemicals that cause the body stress” (WSOMB p.19).

She also says, “As you think, your thoughts are activated, which in turn activates your attitude, because your attitude is all of your thoughts put together and reflects your state of mind” (WSOMB p.20).

“Thoughts are not only scientifically measurable, but we can verify how they affect our bodies. We can actually feel our thoughts through our emotions. Emotions are involved in every thought we build, ever have built and ever will build” (WSOMB p.21)

“These emotions are very real and link your thoughts to the reaction in your body and mind. This is called the psychosomatic network. They can surface even years after an event has occurred, when the memory of that event is recalled.

“To demonstrate how this works, take a minute to focus on an upsetting recent event in your life…A cascade of chemicals is being activated by rethinking and imaging the event. The more you ponder, the stronger and more vivid the cascade becomes.

“You may even start to become angry, frustrated or upset. You will start reacting to the thought mentally and physically as though it were happening all over again. What you think about expands and grows, taking on a life of its own. The direction this life takes could be positive or negative; you get to choose (Isaiah 7:15). What you choose to think about can foster joy, peace and happiness or the complete opposite.

“In face, your thoughts create changes right down to genetic levels, restructuring the cell’s makeup. Scientists have shown this restructuring is how disease are able to take hold in the body. On the flip side, when we choose non-toxic thinking, we step into a whole new realm of brain and body function. ‘Feel good’ chemicals are released that make us feel peaceful and also promote healing, memory formation and deep thinking, which increase intelligence when combined together.

“Healthy, non-toxic thoughts help nurture and create a positive foundation in the neural networks of the mind” (WSOMB p.22).


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