My dreams or Jesus

We may have an opportunity to pursue our “dreams” but are those dreams about Jesus? What good will it do in eternity if we have all satisfaction in this life but don’t really desire Jesus? Are our “dreams” are compelling us to do things that are against Jesus’ character and commands? It is highly likely they are distracting from God’s call on our life no matter how “good” we may look to others, no matter how well we can “do” church. His call is unto his presence. Have we forgotten that it is in his presence that we have fullness of joy? Or have we just heard it so much that we don’t believe it any more?  We don’t experience the fullness of God’s love, joy and peace in life because we don’t want God and the sad part about it is that we don’t realize it. We can spend all day and night searching our heart trying to find out why we don’t want to follow God’s commands but the only way we will change is by the power of the presence of God’s Holy Spirit within us. Ask God to search your heart and show you the wicked ways in you that you are not aware of, he knows exactly what you need. When he reveals them to you, confess them to him (agree with him) and ask him to forgive you, cleanse you and fill you with His Spirit so that you can be free. Trust your creator, he is merciful to you enough that you may be alive this day.


About steeveshealth

Hello. My name is Jason Steeves. I believe I am here to help people heal body, mind, and spirit.
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